Nasr Al Seeb Construction & trading CO LLC is an ISO Certified, wholly owned Omani Company that has been in operation for over 29 years; Over the years the Company has been actively involved in the construction and development of the Country’s Infrastructure with Retail and in Mechanical machinery Tools.

With operations and presence in all regions of the Sultanate and Saudi Arabia, the Company’s average annual turnover over the last five years has been OMR 2 mill. The Company is registered as an Excellent Grade Contracting Company for Civil Engineering Works. Nasr Al Seeb Construction & trading CO LLC has experience and expertise in project management.

Nasr Al Seeb Construction & Trading CO LLC has been a name synonymous in the Construction & real estate sector, various engineering fields and the Retail sector in the Sultanate of Oman since 1992 and now as a direct result of ambitious expansion and strong partnerships with global players.

Each Nasr Al Seeb Construction & Trading CO LLC company endeavors to support and achieve the common Mission Statement as follows: "To be the most efficient, profitable and leading private company in its sector by serving its customers to the highest standards of professionalism and quality, with employees benefiting from working in a stable, harmonious and safe working environment in all countries in which we operate."